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If it has to do with searching for solutions to your business struggles, you are in the right place. We are a consulting agency that understands your pain points, we are focused on providing support, inspiration and trust to small businesses and individuals. If any of the following apply to you, we are here to help:

  • You are expanding your business and need a blueprint.

  • You feel like your business is all over the place and need to organize it.

  • Your business has plateaued and you don’t know how to grow and change.

  • You want to start a business but have no idea how to run it.

  • You personally wish to grow within your organization and want to work on areas of development.


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We at DMG understand that finding the right solutions for growing your business is not something to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer a complimentary consultation to walk you through your needs and goals.

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What’s so great about a consultant anyway?



Candice D’Angelo is the founder and owner of DMG Management which was born out of the idea that small businesses and individuals biggest struggle is not having the proper support and often fail due to lack of resources. DMG Management Group wanted to give the same services of a large consulting group but on a small business budget and consultants can give you the freedom of not having to supply an annual salary to get your business needs met.

Built on trust, communication and inspiration, Candice has made it her goal to help individuals conquer what seems to be a no-win scenario in business and has given her clients the ability to “see the light.” When working with her clients, she creates an atmosphere for everyone to succeed and accomplish their goals.

Her launch story:

At the time of my launch, I was working for a major medical device company based in Florida. I had much success during my tenure of almost 6 years including awards and top sales leader multiple times. I moved up the ladder quickly and really felt like I had finally achieved success.

With noticeable success, you become an source of knowledge for others. I always wanted to mentor, in fact, I completed a volunteer mentor program for high school students that left an everlasting impression on me. I began mentoring and advising on a few small businesses owned by friends and the partnership made a great impact on their business. It was then that I knew many small businesses must be going through these same struggles and have little to no resources to get advice on repairing them. Come to find out, there are so many individuals and business owners that need this to help them succeed.

I left my amazing job and launched DMG Management Group. I since have had incredible success, I wake up each day excited to get to work and help other small businesses achieve their success.

With a successful career in relationship building in sales and recruitment, Candice is the most personable person you will work with. Her success came from figuring out that the product isn't what makes the sale, it's the connection you create and the relationships you build with that connection. Her ability to restructure a business with clearly defined strategic plans and build upon newly created opportunities is what we call "The Magic.”

Here are some unknown facts about Candice:

  • She loves to cook and not just cook, we mean Ina Garten style.

  • Has major love for classic rock; she has a great collection of vinyl.

  • Has baseball in her DNA, with 2 generations of major league athletes in her family. She can talk the talk and walk the walk.

  • Is a mother of 2 boys; she has her hands full at home but is the handler of all things.

  • Is terrified of roller coasters… Trying to work on that, lol.


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