August Fearless Leader | Sofia Navarro

Why did you open your business? I wanted autonomy. I wanted to develop and create my own salon culture with creative freedom and provide the ultimate experience for a salon family.


What gave you the confidence to take the leap and start your own company? My loyal clients!


What did you learn in your first year of business? I learned that the business side of my industry is as important as the creative side. I didn’t grasp it in the first year but luckily I had great support to guide me.


What did you learn about yourself personally? I learned how to practice humility when building my team. I learned that I had the asset of consistency, that I am capable but also I had a fear of success. I continuously reassured myself that I was worthy.

 If you were a customer looking to buy your product or service, what would sell you as a customer? First and foremost, Our work! Second would be our loving and chill environment. Third, our amazing space!

Who would you like to thank for your success? MY STAFF AND CLIENTS EQUALLY!! Because they are loyal and KICK ASS!


What would you say to someone thinking about starting their own business? You’re worthy.


What do you want our readers to know most about you? I never feel like I am “going to work”. I created from my minds eye the perfect experience. I truly care about others experience and how we can most serve.


What have been your major accomplishments? Self confidence to trust my gut and taking risks to follow my heart.


What have been your failures? I don’t feel like I have failed anywhere, I have only learned what still needs healing and work through them.





Candice D'Angelo