July's Fearless Leader | Kristin Sliveira

Welcome Island Blends to the group! Each month, I highlight a business owner that has what it takes to inspire and motivate others who are looking to take the leap or for those that are thinking about leaving it all behind.Kristin Silveira is definitely someone who can and will inspire you to keep moving and go after your dreams. Read the full interview below to learn more about her success in just one year!

What gave you the confidence to take the leap and start your own company?

 Thinking of it as a marathon, not a sprint made it not seem so intimidating.

I just took it one baby step at a time.


What did you learn in your first year of business?

I learned that business can absolutely be fun and also that I still have so much to learn.


What did you learn about yourself personally?

I learned that a positive outlook is EVERYTHING.  


What have you improved upon as a business owner from the first day to today?

I have learned that it is impossible to be everywhere, all the time, doing everything….perfectly.


Are you doing what you love?

150% LOVE what I do!


Fun fact: What would you be doing if you were running your own business?

I would be a full(er) time stay at home mom of my 2 amazing kids, Rylan and Brady.


What do you love about being a business owner?

I love being able to put my own personal touch on everything.  


What is the hardest part of being a business owner?

Personally, it’s working my through the never-ending list of things I want to accomplish and improve for the company while also juggling family time and all of life’s other responsibilities.


If you were a customer looking to buy your product or service, what would sell you as a customer?

First and foremost, I am a HUGE supporter of small, local businesses….so that’s what would get me interested. What would sell me is our hands on customer service approach, the fact that several items are one-of-a-kind and our apparel quality is simply amazing. 

Who would you like to thank for your success?

I would thank my husband and kids for supporting me each and everyday, my parents for their ongoing love and guidance, to the retailers that took a chance on me and my products, (Betty Shop, Wine Knot, 2 Sparrows, Redington Shores Surf Shop and Saltwater Hippie) and to my “tribe” who makes us who we are by wearing, tagging, posting and purchasing our gear to keep us all connected.


What would you say to someone thinking about starting their own business?

There are no guarantees, every day is a new day and ride the wave where it takes you. You never know where you may end up.  

What do you want our readers to know most about you?

I do my very best to connect with every single person who makes a purchase from Island Blends. Our growing “tribe” is what makes us so special and I want everyone who owns our gear to feel a part of it. Island Blends is a vibe, it’s a lifestyle. It’s also me….Kristin Silveira; a wife and mom with a passion and drive to continue to create a brand that makes people feel happy.

I became chronically ill in 2016 and after a year of being sick and undiagnosed, a doctor recommended that I use a body scrub regularly to circulate blood flow and empty lymph nodes. However, all of the store bought scrubs contained unhealthy ingredients that I couldn’t use, so I started making my own using high quality ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils. I made a few for friends and family and then started experimenting with different oils and their benefits. The feedback was so good that Island Blends was developed shortly after.

I spent a lot of time home sick, but making these products gave me something to look forward to and the interaction that I’ve had with my “tribe” literally got me through the last 3 years. Making body scrubs gave me the confidence to branch out and teach myself how to make jewelry, which lead to new products and a whole new journey. I was born with sand between my toes, so starting Island Blends felt for me. These days, I’m feeling good and looking forward to the future. I believe now more than ever than a positive attitude can move mountains, so let’s see what we can do out there!  

What have been your major accomplishments?

I consider my biggest accomplishments happy customers. When someone takes the time to write a good review or let me know they love something they purchased from me, that’s the best thing I could hope for as a business owner. When they come back for repeat purchases, that sends me over the moon!

What have been your failures?

Lol. I thrive on the creative side of the business. I make things. I hate spreadsheets, numbers and complicated technology. I fail daily and ask for help with those things ALL THE TIME!