March's Fearless Leader | Jules Reese

Q: What did you learn your first year of business?

A: So much! I knew nothing about business. Thinking back, it was really about getting on my feet. I learned as much as I possibly could, worked every position. I laughed but also did my fair share of ugly crying.

Q: What did you learn about yourself personally?

A: I learned that I'm much stronger than I thought. Business ownership was not easy for me. It's scary, it's work, it's sacrifice and most importantly IT'S BECOMING OBSESSED with whatever you are trying to create. I had no clue that I could push myself and truly learn so much.

Q: What have you improved on as a business owner?

A: Confidence! I would charge less because I wanted clients to like me and my business. Since then I have been able to step away from that and really take control of my business, Barkers Lane is truly the best it's ever been.

Q: Who would you like to thank for your success?

A: EVERYONE! I have amazing clients, friends, family that have loved and supported me on this journey. I have also had people that didn't support me, who were negative and didn't believe in me. I embraced both to push myself past the negative barriers and prove them wrong.

Q: What would you say to someone thinking about starting their own business?

A: JUMP IN!!  It's not easy so always remember that your dreams need you to be obsessed, to make sacrifices and really work hard. Don't give up!

Q: What do you want Barkers Lane to be known for?

A: I want to provide a calm, affectionate pet grooming experience to all our clients. I want to be inspirational in my industry and not have pet grooming be a "dirty job" and focus on the beauty of the dogs.

Lauren Bordelon