LBMG Marketing | Goals: Set & Overachieved

LBMG Marketing

October 2018

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LBMG Marketing had many successes within their first 3 years of business as a startup. Referrals aplenty but stagnant in many areas LBMG was ready to take the business to the next level. Needing someone to bounce ideas off of and help prioritizing ideas, we came up with the following plans and implemented.

  • Development of new organizational roles.

  • Search and recruit new team members.

  • Perform continuous sales education.

  • Lead sales tracking and monitoring with team and leadership.

  • Development formalities such as a training manual, Time off request process,

  • Continuous mapping of business growth and execution plans.

  • Upgraded commitment to networking.

  • The success has been 85% of contracts have been brought in by new team member first quarter of 2019 with a 26% growth in sales and trending 30% for second quarter.

Services Used:

  • Operations Consulting

  • Weekly strategy sessions to develop goals and plans

  • Monthly coaching sessions to continue development of


“DMG has not only elevated my business, but played a key part in the rapid growth of my business. Growing was never a daunting thought, but finding time to put together a plan was what was tough for us. DMG stepped right in and filled the void with extreme professionalism, timelines, and accountability. I can’t imagine our business without DMG.” - Lauren B. | Owner & Chief Storyteller

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